Prom and Party Buses

HELLO WORLD!!!!! I am so excited because I have 14 more days of school until summer and I can not contain my excitement. This weeks blog post is all about my experience at prom this past weekend. My boyfriend asked me a few weeks back by tying a sign around his dog that said Prom and gave me very pretty flowers. Fellas, that is the way to do ask a girl. But whatever you do just make sure it involves dogs. I said yes of course or I would not be writing this post:)

So about a week ago my mom and I headed down to Los Angeles to look for a dress. I went online the night before to look up the best dress places and it said the Fashion District has a bunch of stores. So our first stop was the fashion district and oh boy do we regret going there. We didn’t find any so we went to Melrose Avenue to my favorite thrift store in the whole world called Wasteland. I recommend going there if you are ever in LA. I found a really pretty navy blue dress for $60, which was such a deal considering how much most girls spend on their dresses. Overall I was very happy with my choice.

Saturday morning I woke up around 9 and stayed in bed till about 12 watching Netflix and eating. Pretty good morning. Around 2 I went to go get the boutineer which I originally forgot about and called like 5 different places who all said they were not accepting orders anymore, until I found a place. I got my hair done at 3:30 and make-up done at 4:30. I had curls in my hair and a smokey eye look for makeup.

I got to this girls house who owns one of the nicest houses I had ever seen around 6. She is a really good friend of my boyfriends so all of his friends were there with their dates. They all looked so good. We came late because my boyfriend had previously had lifeguard training with one of his friends. Both of our parents took some pictures and then we ate dinner. It was really cute actually because this long table was set up in their backyard, but everyone had already had dinner so it was just us eating which was sweet. After dinner we all headed onto the party bus we got. It was huge. We cruised around town for about and hour jamming out to music and dancing before we actually got the Prom. When we got to Prom, the venue was a historic building that was set up so pretty. We stayed for about and hour or so and watched our friends get crowned king and queen. We left and went back to the girls house and had a fun time. I finally went to bed around 3 and boy was I beat.

Overall my first Prom was unforgettable and one of the best experiences of my life:)

Stay tuned for more about what I love!




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