Freedom & the Beach

This weeks post is all about being done with the hell of AP’s tests! All school year long my classmates and I have been very stressed with the homework load of 2 AP classes along with other regular classes. But recently, maybe the past month or two, we have been especially stressed with the upcoming AP tests. It was hard because we were still learning new content for the classes, yet we had to study for the AP test. My friends and I barley hung out and when we did it was mostly studying. AP testign started last week and luckily we didn’t have any last week. Our first AP test was on Monday and it was for biology. Surprisingly it was not as hard as I thought it would be, but still veryyyyy hard. We just took our last AP test today for world history 

We are done! All of our stress and anxiety(boy did I have a lot of that) is gone! Well for the most part, we still have about a month left of school. But the APs were the hardest classes and we are done. My friends and I decided what better way to celebrate being done with APs then to go to the beautiful beach. We live in the most beautiful town in the world so why not take advantage of that.

We headed to Trader Joes first to grab some snack and a lunch. After we cruised to butterfly beach in Montecito. We were so surprised but so happy about the weather. All week it was cold and cloudy and today was the first clear and sunny day. We set up our towels, pulled out our food, and relaxed for the first time in a long time. 

More and more of our friends started to show up and they brought fun games like spike ball and a volleyball which was nice. We were at the beach for a while about 4 hours. After the beach we headed over to our friends house who lives like 5 min away. We ate dinner there and played some basketball which was fun. 

Overall we all I think had a really fun day!

Stay tuned for more about what I love!




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