Beans, Cheese, and Rice, Oh No!

This weeks blog post is a little throw back to my service trip to Tijuana, Mexico. I am in the MAD academy which stands for multi media arts and design, at my high school. I love being in it because it gives me the opportunity to do things like go to Mexico and build homes for people who really need them.

Here is a little timeline of my trip. Hope you enjoy!

Day 1: Everyone who was going on the trip arrived at the Santa Barbara Bowl at 6:30 to leave at 7. I was in a car with Jaden, Charley, Ellie, and Jaden’s dad Matt. We arrived after about 6 hours in Tecate, Tijuana. Everyone set up camp and rested for a long next day. We had Mexican food every night, EVERY night, so I won’t mention it again. 

Day 2: Bright and early on a Monday morning at 7 am, we started our day. Breakfast, packing lunches, and then we were off. We rode in buses to each work site. Funny fact: the buses were actually stripper busses. You know how I know? I don’t think any ordinary busses have velvet red seats and a stripper pole on them. There were a total of 7 work sites. When we got to ours, we were shocked at how bad the foundation was. We took the whole day basically flattening out the foundation so out house wasn’t tilted. We also met our family that day which was really cool.

Day 3: When we arrived at our work site we finished putting in cement to make the base. We also started hammering walls together and making doors and windows. It was really nice to see everyone working together o the littlest things like holding wood up while the other person hammered or handing someone nails. We put up half our walls because the other half of the base was still wet cement. 

Day 4: Almost done! The last day we arrived and immediately starting putting up all our walls and worked on getting our roof on. For lunch, the family who we were making the house for kindly made everyone chicken and rice. Normally I wouldn’t think about eating Mexican meat if I didn’t know where it came from but this family works so hard for everything they have and the fact that they made everyone a meal when sometimes they might not be able to feed themselves, is so kind. I gave my left overs to their dog who was looking very unhealthy and it made me very sad. After lunch we finished up on the house and said goodbye to our family which was very hard to do.

Overall this trip was a great and unforgettable experience that I will forever be thankful for:) I highly recommend you take a community service trip at some point in your life. It will not only change the lives of other people but your life also in a wonderful way.

Stay tuned for more about what I love!



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