Friends, Roses and Fun 

This week, actually today, my friends and I decided to go to the Rose Garden for lunch. We packed some lunches and a blanket and made out way to the beautiful place we call The Mission. The Mission is a very historic building that is right next to a big grassy field with a section of all differently colored roses. 

We just had a big week of tests and we were finally relaxed for once. That won’t last very long though because AP tests start next week. Yay!!!!😭😭 Charley, Jaden, Anna and I all sat down next to these very bright, very pretty yellow roses and ate out lunches. I had a turkey sandwich, Charley had a pesto pasta tomato salad, Jaden had a pesto turkey sandwich, and Anna ate our leftovers because silly her forgot to pack a lunch. We talked about our day and the fact that today is FRIDAY!!!!! We were so excited because that meant the end of school for the week and the start of a fun weekend.
When we finished eating, that meant time for a little photoshoot. We all loved the beauty of the roses so much that each of us wanted a picture in from of them. I started taking pictures of our picnic layout and then some of charley. Then of course I wanted some of me, so we went to the red roses first, then to the yellow ones. All the pictures turned out soon pretty. We packed up and started heading back to school. Charley wanted to leave a little early so she could find good parking, she’s a little challenged when it comes to parking, lol jk charley you are a great parker. We got back to school and started walking into class when we thought we were late. Except we were fairly early which was nice. After a very long week of stress, we were very grateful for the little break at lunch that we all had together. If you have some time I definitely recommend spending some time at the rose gardens in Santa Barbara. You won’t be disappointed. 


Stay tuned for more about what I love!



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