City of Love not theft pt 3

This is the last part to my 3 part saga about my Paris trip that I took over spring break! Hope you enjoy:)

Day 6 continued: My dad and I left the Louvre and headed over to a near by cafe for some lunch/dinner or linner. We sat down and had a great time. I saw a pair of shoes I wanted a couple hours back and they were still on my mind, and I needed them. So I asked my dad if  I could walk a couple blocks to go get them. I ended up staying at the shoe store for about 45 min trying to decide which color Pumas I wanted. I ended up getting these really cool black one that look awesome!

As I got back to my dad at the cafe were running a little low on time and needed to go back to the hotel to get our luggage and then head over to the train station to catch the 6:30 train. But before we left I wanted to check out Brandy Melville in Paris because if you did not already know from my previous post, I work at Brandy Melville in Santa Barbara. My dad agreed to going and we headed over by train. We got there and I looked around for a little before my dad said we needed to go to catch our train. I hurried up and got a necklace that I wear everyday and that I love.

We left and started walking down the steps of the train station. We got to the gates where you insert your ticket, and right as my dad put in his ticket and went through, he felt a bump of someone. As I was inserting my card, this guy all of a sudden jumps over the gate and runs out. We, being stupid, thought he just wanted to get through for free or god knows what and didn’t react really. As soon as we got down to the train though, my dad reached for his phone and realized the guy pick pocketed him and stole his phone. I tried to run after the guy, but he was long gone. So, we got back to the hotel and raced out of there and took another train to the train station. We were running around the train station, trying to locate our train. As we got to where our train was, we looked as it was pulling away. We were literally a minute late. We ended up taking a later train and arrived back in Amsterdam around 12 am. 

We spent the rest of our trip in Amsterdam and had a Kumpulan ( an Indonesian family gathering) at a Pannekoeken (pancake) house on Saturday. It was so great seeing all of my dads family that I had never seen before. We left on Monday morning and got back to Santa Barbara around 2:30 pm.

Overall, despite the challenges, I would have to say this was the best trip/vacation I have ever been on! Thanks so much to my dad who made the whole thing 100x better by being the best travel buddy.

Stay tuned for more about what I love!



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