City of Love not theft pt 2


Day 5: In the middle of the night, on the last day we were going to be in Paris, my stomach decides to have a fit and I threw up all night.I am pretty sure it was food poisoning. Thing is, I have no clue though, what it is from. I am guessing prawns from the night before. It sucked to say the least, because when I finally stopped puking it was morning already and I needed to sleep and rest. I woke up around 1 to find my dad telling me he changed the train ride to the following day, and got us an extra night in the hotel. So, that day we were both exhausted and we just walked and mostly took the tram around Paris. Oh did I even tell you that my dad fell in the shower on the second day we were there and got a huge lump, the size of a cantaloupe no joke, on his knee.  He had some doctors check it out who were staying at the hotel and they said it was not anything terrible, so he just rested it. We walked around and ended up at this bridge that used to have locks covering it, but they moved all the locks literally right next to the bridge on a fence because apparently the locks were too heavy for the bridge. We then walked around the Louvre at night which was really cool. We saw everything lit up and it was mind blowing. By this time we were both exhausted, so we took the tram back to our hotel and crashed. 


Day 6:     This was now officially our last day in Paris and we wanted to do everything! But, that was kind of impossible so we did as much as we could. First off we stopped off at a little bakery and got some croissants and madeleines. Damn, were they tastyyyy. We then headed over to the Tuileries Gardens and then to the Musée de l’Orangerie to see some beautiful Monet’s. I left my dad and walked a few blocks or so and visited my agency NEXT in Paris, which was really cool. I then came back to the Tuileries and we headed over to the Louvre and got in line to see one of the biggest museums in the world. When we got in we were just so overwhelmed by everything. There was a famous painting after the next or a sculpture. We walked around probably a 1/4 of the whole museum in about 2 or 3 hours. Crazy, right?! We saw the Mona Lisa and I was frankly shocked by how big it was compared to what everyone said.

We left and let me just tell you the next 5 hours were crazy and unreal… 

To be continued…





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