City of Love not theft

Paris, oh Paris. Best city in the world, while it can sometimes be the worst. My dad and I had an interesting time in Paris. Read below for the run down.

Day 3: We left Amsterdam on March 27 and headed for Paris on a high speed train that took 3.5 hours. We crossed Belgium on the way but didn’t get out and explore. When we arrived in Paris we got off in the Guard de Nord train station and stood out front for a solid 15 min until we figured out where to go. Like 5 guys hit us up asking if we wanted a cab, telling them no every time. I think one might have actually asked us twice. We took our 2 suitcases and 2 carry ons and lugged it up the streets of Paris, stopping every couple of blocks to reassess where we were going.

We finally got to our hotel after about 30 min of unnecessary walking, because we later found out we could have taken the train. Our hotel was called Hotel de Arts and it was very nice and quite small, like most things in Paris. After we got settled in our very small room with the smallest sink I have ever seen, we walked up Rue and headed to the Sacré-Cœur. When we turned a corner we saw the view of the Eiffel tower and for me it was my first time seeing it, so I was in awe. We got to the Sacré-Cœur and were amazed by the view and architecture. As we walked down the steps to the park area I saw 4 military looking guys with heavy clothing and a big gun in front of them.  As I got closer to them I looked at one of them and immediately fell in love.

After, we walked to the love wall that has the phrase “i love you” in 50 languages. Next we walked around and stopped by a really aesthetically pleasing produce store and got the BEST raspberries we had ever had. We then walked to a local hotel with an amazing view of all of Paris and especially the Eiffel tower. The last thing we did was head over to Trocadero and enjoyed a nice up close full view of the Eiffel tower and a nice dinner after.

Day 4: I woke up at a nice 8 am, wanting to wake up at 7 to watch the sunset but hahah that didn’t happen. To be honest, the reason I woke up early was to run to the Sacré-Cœur and find the love of my life. Bad news, he wasn’t there… but he did have some cute friends I interacted with. After I came back, my dad and I headed off for Notre Dame Cathedral. We were amazed when we go there. We went up to the very top and saw my dads favorite things in the whole world, Gargoyles. After we went to a near by cafe and ate lunch. We met a guy there that group up in the same town as my dad and was traveling Europe for a month.  We walked around until we got to the Luxembourg gardens. If you ever go to Paris, you have to check it out! Its amazing.

To be continued….

Stay tuned for more about what I love!



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