Amsterdam and Coffee Shops 

Woke up saturday morning at a nice relaxing 8 am. This was the first day of my week of spring break and I was excited. I know what you are thinking, that is not nice, thats early. Here is the thing,  I had a flight at 2:45 pm from LAX to Amsterdam. My Dad and I told each other that we were NOT going to leave any later than 11 for LAX. The Damen family has a tendency on always being late to flights. Always. So this time we were going to be on time. Well you probably guessed it, we left later than 11, we left at 11:30. 

We got to the airport on time actually and made our flight. It was a 10 1/2 hour flight that actually went by really fast. I got window seat and it was nice.

We left the airport and got a ride from my dads cousins who live in Amsterdam. My dads mom was born in Amsterdam and I am part Dutch. 

Day 1 (Sunday): We arrived at my dads cousin house and unpacked. Then we walked around Amsterdam and went to a cute little cafe by a canal. I love the houses and building right on the water. We walked around down town and stopped by some coffee shops. Fun fact: coffee shops are different than cafés in Amsterdam. Coffee shops sell stuff to make you feel good and cafés sell coffee. After that we went to The Eye and met some of my dads other cousins for a drink. It’s a very pretty museum and café right on the river. So after we got back to the house we were on 29 hours of no sleep and damn were we tired! 

Day 2: We got up around 9 and immediately left for North Holland. We took the bus and got off at the Concertgebouw (concert hall). My dads grandfather had a painting of him in there because he played in the symphony back in the 50’s. After that we headed over to the Van Gough museum that  was in the middle of a beautiful park. It was amazing seeing a lot of Van Gough’s work. Then we headed over to the Rijsmuseum and explored the wonders of art there. After that we went back to th house and had Indonesian take out food that was quite tasty. Fun fact: my dads dad was born in Indonesia and so I’m part Indonesian. We had a very fun day full of museums.

To be continued…

Check back next week for the rest of my trip in Paris!



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  1. Sounds like a great time 🙂 if you like Indonesian food (not take away though) you should try restaurant “Blauw” (which means blue) they have the best indonesian food eeeeeeever! not very cheap but it’s worth it’s money ✌ think you need to make a reservation though.

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