Sunsets & Cupcakes

A couple weeks back my best friend Charley aka Chuckles or Charles and I cruised to her house after school on a Friday. We did not really know what we wanted to do but knew we did not want it to involve a lot of effort.  So we chilled at Charleys house for about an hour and finished a family size of nacho cheese Doritos and watched Chrisley Knows Best. By the way, that is the greatest show ever and if you have not watched it you are missing out. Oh and the family (The Chrisleys) just got a french bulldog so it is amazing. So after we ate Doritos and watched the show we were craving something sweet.

We decided on cupcakes and skirted along to Crushcakes in Carpinteria. We walked in and immediately smelled the cupcakes. We looked at each other and smiled. We looked at the case of fifteen something cupcakes and I chose a crumb cake cupcake that has a yummy crumb cake filling. While Charley got a cookies and cream oreo cupcake and an iced vanilla latte. We sat there for a solid 15 minutes and devoured our cupcakes.

After that we headed over to Santa Clause beach to catch the amazing sunset. We go out and walked across what I would call a bridge but others might say its a piece of wood covering a puddle. Then we walked over the train tracks. When we stepped on the beach their was sticks everywhere. I thought to myself how my dog would be in heaven if he saw how many sticks were there. Actually just a second later a dog came running over to us all wet. He stopped right by my foot  as though he wanted to be pet and then as I was reaching down to pet him he started shaking all the water off. Charley and I both laughed and were dripping in dog water.

When the dog finally left we started walking along the beach and found a nice spot on the rocks to sit on. We watched the sunset and were memorized by the beautiful place we call our “home”.  We headed back to Charleys and enjoyed a nice relaxing Friday night. Full of peace and most importantly not filled with homework. I love my friend Charley, cupcakes, and gorgeous sunsets.

Stay tuned for more about what I love!




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