“The Boys”

These handsome, well dressed lads are “The Boys”. Preston Foy, Riley Svenson, and Jackson Wright are my best guy friends and they are pretty sick. I took them out of class to take theses pictures and let me just say it’s was a fun photo shoot.

Preston Foy (below) is from Santa Barbara, California and he has always lived here. He has 2 older brothers who are twins, Logan and Harrison. He has two dogs named Fluffy and Tippy. They are a mix of Jack Russel, Terrior, and Chihuahua. Growing up Preston has always been an athletic kid. He plays soccer, volleyball, and golf. Although I don’t consider golf a sport. On his free time he loves surfing with his best bud Riley. He also has a house in mammoth and is really good at snowboarding. I have known him since junior high and he has been a great best friend ever since. Check out his blog @livingfortheweekendblog.

Riley Svenson  (below) is a 16 year old sophomore that was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California. He has a younger brother named Alec. He has lived near the beach his whole life and surfs whenever he can, or whenever there is good surf. He plays soccer for his high school, and recently joined the surf team. On Riley’s free time he loves to hang out with “The Boys”. Preston and Jackson have been his best friends for a while and they always find something fun to do. Riley always says, “No one has the humor that those two have”. Riley does well in school even though it is challenging. He always works hard and is able to succeed when he puts his mind to anything. I also have known Riley since junior high and he has been a great best friend ever since. Check out his blog @805lifeblog.

Jackson Wright (below) is not your everyday kind of high schooler. Yes Jackson has a sister and a dog, and is 15 years old. But what makes Jackson so unique is his love of music. He has a blog all about his favorite albums. Make sure to check it out @thisweekinmusic. Jackson plays drums in a local band in Santa Barbara. He loves to play drums. On a free day Jackson loves to record music and hang out with “The Boys”. Just like Preston and Riley, Jackson plays soccer for his high school. Ever since I have known him, he has had a terrible fear of balloons that I have yet to figure out why. He has been a great best friend and I can’t wait to see him play drums on a big sold out stage in the future.

I love all these guys because of their unique qualities and their great humor. I hope you have gotten to know them a little bit better.

Stay tuned for more about what I love!



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