LAFW and Pizza

This week was full of chaos. First off I had 5 tests that I studied for all week. Then on Monday night I get an email from my agent saying that I had a casting for a fashion show at LAFW (Los Angeles Fashion Week) the following day. So I drove down and the casting was in a hotel on sunset. I walked in and immediately got lost. I probably went up and down an elevator 5 times before I saw an open window that overlooked the pool. I see these 4 pretty nice looking 20 something year old guys looking at me and gesturing me to come down. See I don’t know what casting directors look like anymore, because its always so different. So little did I know they were just some random guys checking me out. I finally reached the floor and walking into a conference room with chairs for the waiting models and at the end were a panel of 3 guys. The main guy Louie asked me to walk and then after I did gave me some corrections. Ouch, right? Well, then I walked two more times and they said “thank you have a good day”. So I thought to myself, nope didn’t get that one. Little did I know the next day I got an email from my agent saying that I got it and the show was Thursday. 

Thursday came around and I headed down around 2 for LA. Got there around 3:30. I walked into the Pacific Arts Center and it was so big and amazing. The architecture was astonishing. I waked outside and immediately saw the stage and was blown away. It was so big and lit up. I walked back stage and tried to look for a person to fit me because I didn’t go to the fitting the previous day. I walked up to a woman and asked her and she asked me if she could borrow me and do makeup really fast. I was like well I kind of need to be fit and she said it wouldn’t take that long. So right when I sat down, maybe like 15 woman and men gathered around and I found out that I was her demo. Apparently she was the main makeup lady in charge of the whole makeup team. So that was pretty cool being a guinea pig, ironically.

After that I went and tried on my outfit and it was so fun and gorgeous. In fact the whole line was so beautiful, I was so impressed. The designer came up to me and had me walk for him and he was the sweetest designer I have ever met. I took off the outfit and went into hair. Hair took a while. They kind of curled my hair and then put like a rats nest on top of my head. Not really, but kinda. Oh and the whole time I was trying to find a free moment to study for my 3 tests the next day. That didn’t really work out the best, because every time I starting really focusing they pulled me over to fix makeup or hair or wanted to make an announcement to everyone. I was walking around and saw one of the other male models eating a piece of pizza and I was so hungry so I went up to him and asked where he got the pizza and he directed me to a table full of about 15 boxes of really good looking pizza. Speaking of good looking pizza, the male models were very very attractive and I just couldn’t catch my self not starring at them all the time. Well I grabbed a piece of pizza and wolfed it down and right as I took my last bite I made eye contact with the designer and he told me to be carful because pizza doesn’t come out of his clothes. Yes, I was wearing the outfit while eating pizza. I was just sooooo hungry. So lessoned learned, if you are going to eat pizza while in a designers clothing,

A. DO it where no one can see you

B. DON’T let any get on the clothing

Originally the show was supposed to start at 7, then got changed to 7:20,  then we all lined up as though we were going to start and probably waited in line for a solid 30 min. Oh and I didn’t even mention the fact that I was in 4 1/2 inch heels for probably like 2 hours straight. We finally started the show at 8 and it was amazing. Right before going on stage I had that feeling that I was going to be that one person who fell on stage. Thank god right as I walked out the floor on the runway was like the opposite of slippery and I was very happy. I walked out and felt so good. After the show was over I was exhausted and slept in the car on the way home. Overall I’d say this was a great night and one that I would never forget.

Stay tuned for more about what I love!



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