Brandy Melville & Clothes

img_4703Brandy Melville aka my job is going to be my fourth post because I love it! I got the job a few weeks after they opened their new Santa Barbara store in October. The store is located on the corner of State Street and Carrillo. The headquarters are in Santa Monica, and that is where it became popular.  Brandy Melville has a very large social media following on Instagram (@brandymelville)and that is another reason it became so popular among teen girls. It is actually really surprising when they post a picture on Instagram, whatever that girl is wearing, will like immediately go out of stock the next day. When you walk past the store, you immediately have to go in.  The mannequins are dressed so cute and hip that a lot of the customers come in and ask to try on something that was on the mannequin. We change them every couple of weeks to stay updated. When I first started working there I was kind of intimidated by the girls who worked there because they dressed so cute and were much older. But after my first couple of shifts I saw how nice all of them were and loved working with all of them. We are like a sisterhood and it’s very cool.


We get shipment every Monday and Wednesday usually. It’s really fun opening up the 7 or so boxes and seeing what’s new and what we already have. Everyone at the store pretty much has a hold bag in the back. I think we all pretty much put the whole store in each of ours. It’s really fun opening a box and seeing something you really like. We always say “yup that’s going in my gold bag” “oh and this” “ya this one too”. That’s he easy part though, the hard part is actually going through the the many clothes and seeing what you actually have money for and what you have to just keep in there. We had a system going that every Sunday we would empty them and put whatever is in there back out in the store for people to buy, but after a few weeks of that we stopped hahha and we all have very very full bags currently.


Brandy Melville is pretty unique in the sense that everything in the store is one size. Yes, everything. So it’s a common joke among the employees whenever someone asks for the size and we always say “if only we had a drinking game for every time someone asked for the size”. It’s pretty interesting when we get those moms or older folks that complain about it being one size. Like come on we only work here, we don’t make the clothes.


The store is quite small so it’s a pretty simple job. Folding clothes, clearing dressing rooms, ringing people up and folding more clothes is what I typically do during a shift. I love my job because the girls who work there are like family and the overall atmosphere is awesome!

Stay tuned for more about what I love!



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