Friends & Burgers


This past four day weekend the main thing I did was sleep. Seriously. From 1-6 pm on Saturday I didn’t get out of my bed. And damn did it feel nice. On Saturday around 12 my friends Charley and Jaden and I chatted on our group chat about hanging out. We knew we needed photos for our blogs and we were starving. So we all met up at Jaden’s house and then walked to Mesa Burger. Okay so Mesa Burger is the BEST burger place in all of Santa Barbara. You need to go there as soon as possible if you haven’t already. We all got the “mesa burger” and a side of fries. We sat down and devoured our burgers and fries in about 5 min. They were that good.fullsizerender-7

We got up and walked to La Mesa Park. As we got there we noticed a huge tree that had fallen from the storm. It was enormous and we watched little kids play all over it. Jaden and Charley climbed all over it like monkeys on a tree.img_4550 I took so many pictures of them and took a pretty cool mid action shot of Charley that I love.  Jaden tripped in a bed of flowers which was the highlight of my day, as seen below.img_4552 We explored the rest of the park and then headed over the bridge. Actually we stayed on the bridge for like 20 min taking pictures. I mean you have to get that perfect shot right? After we were done taking photos at the bridge we started heading over to Mesa Lane. It was a nice walk, we passed a lot of cool house and there was a slight drizzle that was nice. We stopped off at charley friends house to get an umbrella because we wanted to take more pictures, and how could you do that with a wet camera….I took a picture of their dog because you know how I feel about dogs. As we walked to Mesa Lane we kept on taking pictures. When we got to Mesa Lane we encountered a very cute dog and very cute dog owner. \We finally started walking down the steps after about 5 min of petting the dog…would have been longer if the owner wasn’t so creeped out by our excessive petting. Like gosh sorry we want to steal your dog and love it forever. Is that too much to ask…. After we were done taking pictures we got a ride back to Jadens house to edit the photos. Wanna guess how many photos 3 girls took in a span of 3 hours? A little over 600 photos!!!! I know crazy. But we quickly deleted the unnecessary ones and narrowed it down. I’d say we had a very successful day. I love my friends so much, they make my life livable and easier to put up with.

Stay tuned for more about what I love!








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