I have decided to start my first blog post on probably my favorite thing/human/animal in the world. Dogs! Yes, those furry, fuzzy, fantastic things that crawl on you and lick you everywhere. This past weekend I went to my boyfriends house for a Superbowl BBQ. My friend Jaden came too and what we experienced when we got there shocked us both. Dogs. There were dogs everywhere you looked. And they just kept coming. As more and more people showed up with food and an excitement to watch the game, there was a dog running to go sniff all the other dogs. One thing you probably don’t know about my friend Jaden and I is that our love for dogs is your love for your favorite thing in the world x 100.

Above are a couple of the dogs from the BBQ. The top one is Bubbles who weighs a whopping 50 pounds! He is kind of like a food tracker in a sense that wherever the food is, that’s where you can find Bubbles:) You can find him jumping up on food tables or sitting on your lap giving you that “look” for the food in your hand. The next little guy is one of my favorite dogs in the world. A 9 week old french bulldog named Frankie. Frankie did not have his shots yet so he had to stay inside the whole time. So you could probably guess where I was about 90% of the time. Yes, that’s right, I was inside holding her like you hold food, tight but not too tight. And yes, I was looking at her the whole time like you look at food, eyes watering from happiness. She was so small and so cute I could not contain my emotions. As I pet her head it felt like I was petting her skull, she was that small. Her whole face was soooo cute and and scrunched together. Her eyes were so black you felt like you were staring into a black abyss of cuteness. Okay, I will stop talking about her because I could probably write a 12 page paper all about her.

Bodhi at 6 months old
Bodhi at 10 years old (currently)

This cute handsome boy above is my dog Bodhi. Don’t hate him but he is from Canada. My mom flew to another country to get our first family dog. Totally worth it the minute he got off the plane with my mom. Even more worth it when I rushed passed the gates as my mom walked off the plane with him and a lady started chasing me and screaming at me to come back. Apparently you can not cross a gate at an airport. Little did I know. I just saw the cutest puppy in the world and had to pet him.

Next time you think of getting a dog I suggest a white golden retriever. 110% you won’t regret it. Thanks for reading all about my dog obsession. Or maybe you just read the first sentence and looked at the pictures. Either way hope you liked it.

Stay tuned for more about what I love!



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  1. the modern millennial says:


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  3. This post made me really happy.

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  4. jackcantin says:

    Those are three very cute dogs. Your dog Bodhi seems to me like a real solid guy.

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  5. Decent I Guess………….. 🙂

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  6. josiegonella says:

    Omg I can’t handle these pictures, DOGS ARE SO CUTE!! Great pictures and writing to support them!!

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